P2P Investing 101

Costs Compared For A Marketplace Loan vs. a Bank Loan

By Ben Taylor, ValuePenguin Marketplace lending, sometimes called ‘Peer-to-Peer’ (P2P) lending, was among the earliest innovations to contribute to the FinTech revolution of today. And in recent years, the online-lending industry has exploded. In 2015 alone the P2P industry generated $6.6 billion in loans. Furthermore, this growth is global with the UK and Europe quickly … Read More

Understanding Alternative Lending

By EY.com This whitepaper takes a critical look at this industry from different angles — both the borrower perspective and investor perspective. Alternative lending refers to a growing industry of digitally based lending platforms for different borrowing needs, including consumer, small and medium enterprise (SME), student loans and mortgages. Within the last 10 years, this … Read More

2016 P2P / Marketplace Lending Year in Review

2016 was a year that brought new challenges to the peer-to-peer lending industry. Although the past year saw a reduction in total originations, we expect this to prove to be nothing more than a minor bump in the road on the way to P2P lending becoming a much larger financial force. This industry, which has … Read More

Key Considerations in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Now that you have decided to invest in P2P loans, what next? Before you jump right in, there are numerous issues to take into consideration. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power” and that phrase certainly has meaning when it comes to investing. As with other types of investments or any new endeavor, it may … Read More