Real Estate Lending Fund

The Prime Meridian Real Estate Lending Fund is an open-ended, multi-platform fund offering investors transparency and diversification through a secured real estate portfolio with no lock-ups.

The Prime Meridian Real Estate Lending fund was established to capitalize on the burgeoning real estate marketplace lending vertical by creating a portfolio of broadly diversified first lien real estate loans in the commercial, multi-family and single family property types.

Historically, the types of real estate loans the fund is investing in have been predominantly offered by regional banks. Due to the Great Recession’s real estate down-turn, regional banks were left with too much real estate on their balance sheets and many banks discontinued this type of lending due to Dodd-Frank. P2P and marketplace lending platforms have begun to fill the void through applied technology to provide consistent, quality underwriting without the red-tape and delays associated with banks.

Now, Prime Meridian brings that same knowledge, experience, and technology to P2P real estate lending. The Real Estate Lending Fund is open to accredited institutional and individual investors.

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