Prime Meridian NPL Fund

The investment objective of Prime Meridian NPL Fund is to maximize returns by purchasing, at a discount, and managing nonperforming loans secured by residential real estate. 

Complementary to the family of funds Prime Meridian offers, Prime Meridian NPL Fund was launched on January 1st, 2022. The Fund is open to accredited investors.

Prime Meridian NPL Fund seeks to achieve 10%+ annualized returns, net of fees and expenses.  The manager pursues several work-out strategies including litigation, foreclosure, and negotiated settlements.  All loans are valued by a 3rd party valuation agent using a Discount Cash Flow methodology.

The Fund may provide investors access to:

  • Senior secured loans

  • Enhanced yields 

  • Different credit exposures compared to traditional fixed income funds

  • Limited liquidity enhancement relative to traditional private credit funds

  • Lower correlation to more liquid corporate bond markets

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