The Good News Story Behind P2P Lending

By Jim Kharouf It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers – how much a company or investment is making or losing. But what is often left out is the impact it may have on individuals and the broader economy. Prime Meridian Investments has invested in the individual, home, auto and small business peer-to-peer … Read More

Better Get Your AI Game On

by Jim Kharouf In the investment world, it’s no longer just about what you invest in, but the methodology and technology you use to do it. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the financial markets is touching every aspect and asset class in global markets. And that means alternative investment firms are … Read More

What will the financial services industry look like in five years?

Lend Academy article by Bo Brustkern [Editor’s note: Bo Brustkern is Co-Founder and CEO of LendIt Fintech and Co-Founder of Lend Core, which operates NSR Invest and Lending Robot. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building companies and he has spent the past six years focused on the fintech space.] Attempting to predict the future is a … Read More