Late Credit Card Payments at Historically Low Levels in U.S.

Although Covid may have affected some people and businesses, it is noteworthy to point out that “U.S. credit card delinquencies reached record-low levels in 2020, as Americans took advantage of stimulus checks and adjusted their spending habits” according to an American Bankers Association report.   Bloomberg dives deeper into this here.       ________________ … Read More

2021 Payment And Fintech Predictions

Reflecting back on 2020, it was one of a kind year. Although the pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, the pandemic altered the usual way of life.  The ‘new normal’ of life disrupted various industries ranging from the travel industry to the healthcare industry.  With the new year comes new trends and lifestyles – Looking at the … Read More

Second Round of P.P.P.

During this challenging economic time, small businesses around the United States could use any extra help that can get.  Good news has been recently announced that the second round of P.P.P. will come into play.  To read more about the second round details here.

Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs

A few months following after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the updated definition of an accredited investor, the SEC announced companies raising funding through crowdfunding can raise up to $5 million.  Previously, entrepreneurs could raise up to the limit of $1.07 million.   Read more about the SEC’s announcement here.