Prime Meridian Wins (Another) Hedgeweek Award for Best Multi-Strat Credit Fund

Prime Meridian Capital Management - a tech empowered Private Credit Fund Manager based in the San Francisco Bay Area - is honored to announce that the Prime Meridian Income Fund won the Hedgeweek & Private Equity Wire award for Best Multi-Strategy Credit Hedge Fund.

The Fund was nominated by Bloomberg as a finalist for strong recent performance along with a few other funds including PIMCO Global Credit Opportunity Fund, and then investors, fund managers, and service providers voted for the best overall fund.

The strong eleven-year track record of delivering superior risk adjusted and consistent results, along with its strong recent performance, helped Prime Meridian win this distinguished industry award.

"Income is the Outcome" said Don Davis, CEO. "Not only did we do a great job of protecting capital, but also to be able to generate consistent income for our investors is something we are grateful for. Short duration, and high yield is our focus which should continue to generate great long-term risk adjusted returns over time, especially in a rising interest rate environment."

Prime Meridian Capital Management has deep roots in the Fintech and Private Credit ecosystems and has funded over $1.8 billion in private credit assets since inception. Verticals include asset backed lending, secured credit facilities, insurance, consumer, small business, real estate, and litigation finance facilities.

"We emphasize risk management and contractual cashflows," said Sean Bill, CIO. "Our mission is to remain in the top quartile of both performance and risk management. We do this by building robust alpha engines that investors can use to buttress a traditional balanced portfolio."

The Prime Meridian Income Fund was launched May 1, 2012, and this is the 12 consecutive calendar year of generating income and profits for investors. The Fund is a Reg D 506(c) fund limited to accredited investors.

"We would like to thank our investors, and our team for making this award possible," said Mr. Davis. "In this market where there is so much uncertainty, it's refreshing to have a fund like this in my own investment portfolio which has done a fantastic job at capital preservation and materially outperforming treasuries and bonds."

About Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian Capital Management is an SEC registered Private Credit investment management firm specializing in consumer, real estate, small business loans, and secured credit facilities, as well as insurance assets, litigation finance and royalties. Prime Meridian has deep roots in the FinTech and Private Credit ecosystems. The firm has 23 counterparties, and the funds are valued monthly by a 3rd party valuation agent using a Discount Cash Flow (DCF) methodology. Since inception the firm has funded approx $1.8 billion in private credit assets.

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