Prime Meridian Capital Management Delivers Strong Returns in 2014 for P2P Lending Consumer and Small Business Funds

Marketplace lending specialist Prime Meridian Capital Management announces positive returns in 2014 for investors in its peer-to-peer consumer lending fund Prime Meridian Income Fund, and for the Prime Meridian Small Business Lending Fund, a fund that specializes in investing through small business loan platforms.

The Prime Meridian Income Fund, a peer-to-peer lending fund, released its 2014 returns reporting a profit of +8.51% net of fees and defaults for the full year. Since its inception in May 2012, the Prime Meridian Income Fund, which is managed by Prime Meridian Capital Management, has returned 32 consecutive months of profit without a single monthly loss.

The Prime Meridian Small Business Lending Fund, a fund that specializes in small business loans exclusively through small business lending platforms reported a profit of +5.40% net of fees and expenses for its first six months of operation (July-December), which is 10.8% annualized in 2014. Both programs have posted 100% positive monthly returns to date.

Marketplace lending is a term used to define alternative ways of lending, in particular through peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Prosper and Lending Club and in small business lending platforms such as Funding Circle. Marketplace lending platforms provide an alternative to banks and traditional lending sources for borrowers, and create new investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors who participate in these platforms.

“In both our consumer and small business lending funds, we continue to deliver exceptionally strong risk adjusted returns without the use of any leverage whatsoever,” says Don Davis, managing principal Prime Meridian Capital Management. “The recent successful Lending Club IPO was another huge validation for the industry and combined with our access and expertise in this space we expect big opportunities in 2015 as well as continued consistent returns for our investors.”

To learn more about Prime Meridian Capital Management, its lending funds, or for insight into the peer-to-peer lending market, visit or contact Don Davis at 925-362-8510.

About Prime Meridian
Prime Meridian Capital Management is an alternative investment manager specializing in marketplace lending including p2p lending and online lending platforms. The Prime Meridian Income Fund specializes in p2p consumer lending while the Prime Meridian Small Business Lending Fund utilizes small business lending platforms. For more information contact Don Davis at 925-362-8510 or visit Prime Meridian Capital Management is an affiliate of Novus Investments, an alternative investment management firm.

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