P2P Lending Fund Prime Meridian Announces 25 Consecutive Months of Profitable Returns

Prime Meridian Income Fund, a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending fund, released its May 2014 returns marking its 25th consecutive profitable month without a single monthly loss (no drawdowns) for a total return of 21.37% since its inception in May 2012, as compared to a total return of only 4.59% for the Barclay’s US Bond Index over the same time period.

P2P lending allows individuals to request loans by posting them on a P2P lending web site such as Proper and Lending Club. Funding is received directly from individuals or organizations bypassing traditional lending institutions such as banks. The P2P lending industry has shown incredible growth in the past year with Prosper reaching $1 billion in loans issued; a landmark in the less than 10-year existence of the P2P lending market.

“We were an early believer in the potential of P2P lending, and created the Prime Meridian Income Fund as a vehicle for professional investors to participate in this innovative space,” says Don Davis, managing partner of Prime Meridian. “As one of the first P2P lending funds in the United States, we utilized our experience and knowledge to create a P2P lending process and computerized algorithm designed to identify opportunities, assess risk, and capture attractive opportunities quickly.”

The high interest in P2P lending by individual lenders and institutions has created a shortage of P2P loan opportunities compared to the demand. The Prime Meridian Income Fund is one of the first funds able to execute P2P loans using automated technology. Prime Meridian has some great resources to educate investors on P2P lending on its website—P2P Lending blog as well as the white-paper, “P2P Lending for Institutional Investors and Wealth Managers: An Overview,” available for download as a PDF at www.pmifunds.com.

To learn more about Prime Meridian Capital Management, Prime Meridian Income Fund, or for insight into opportunities in P2P lending, visit www.pmifunds.com or contact Don Davis at 925-362-8510.

This material is qualified in its entirety by the information included in the confidential offering documents and supplements (collectively, the “Memorandum”) of Prime Meridian Income Fund, LP (the “Fund”) described herein. Any offer or solicitation of an investment in the Fund may be made only by delivery of the Memorandum which contains important information concerning risk factors, including a more comprehensive description of the risks and other material aspects of an investment in the Fund. The Fund is only open to investors fitting the definition of an “accredited investor” as that term is defined under Rule 501 of Regulation D of The Securities Act of 1933. The past performance is not indicative of future results. An investment in the Fund, like all investments, contains risk including the risk of total loss.

About Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian Capital Management is an investment management firm specializing in online P2P lending strategies. Its flagship Prime Meridian Income Fund is designed to provide investors low cost access to short-duration, high yield loan portfolios by taking advantage of the efficiencies in the burgeoning P2P lending market. For more information contact Don Davis at 925-362-8510 or visit www.pmifunds.com. Prime Meridian Capital Management is an affiliate of Novus Investments, an alternative investment management firm.

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