PODCAST: Don Davis of Prime Meridian on Institutional Investing

PMI CEO Don Davis gives his thoughts on institutional investors, some of the key industry challenges, and how PMI is managing them. In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why Mr. Davis decided to create a fund in the P2P lending space

  • How and where the PMI Fund invests

  • What type of investors benefit from the PMI Fund strategy

  • The importance of phasing in large investments to reduce cash drag

  • The size of the PMI Fund and Novus Investments

  • A review of PMI Fund investor returns and where yields are headed

  • Reviewing the dramatic growth at Prosper and Lending Club

  • The challenge with the reduced maximum investment amount of 10% of the loan at Prosper

  • The difference between an active and a passive investing approach

  • What the future holds for Prime Meridian