Prime Meridian Makes The HFRI 500 Index

Prime Meridian Capital Management is honored to announce that Prime Meridian Real Estate Lending Fund and Prime Meridian Special Opportunities Fund have been selected for inclusion in the HFRI 500 Index beginning 7/1/2022.  The HFRI 500 Index is a global equal-weighted index of the largest hedge funds in the HFR database that meet all the qualifications including quarterly liquidity or better. 

Abrdn (formerly Aberdeen Standard Investments) has launched a tracking fund (on the abrdn Eclipse platform) which has allocated to the two Prime Meridian Funds.  Abrdn is a global investment firm that manages and administers £542 billion of assets.

"The HFRI 500 family of indexes provides investable benchmarks that are diversified, representative, ESMA Registered, IOSCO compliant, audited annually, with quarterly liquidity, with due diligence conducted on all constituents," says Joseph Nicholas, Founder at HFR.  "abrdn's launch of tracking products for HFR's benchmarks provides allocators with new options and solutions, including a way to address unfunded exposure risk, reduce active selection risk and a passive, cost effective, low risk avenue to achieving market performance. "

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