AlphaCentric Prime Meridian Income Fund (PMIFX)

AlphaCentric Prime Meridian Income Fund (PMIFX) seeks to provide high current income to investors by managing a diversified portfolio of Consumer, Real Estate, and/or Small Business loans.

Complementary to the family of funds Prime Meridian offers, AlphaCentric Prime Meridian Income Fund (PMIFX) was launched on January 1st, 2020. The Fund is open to both non-accredited investors and accredited investors.

The AlphaCentric Prime Meridian Income Fund is an interval fund that utilizes a proprietary credit model to invest in whole and fractional loans originated through online platforms that provide a marketplace for lending to consumers, small businesses, and real estate developers.

The Fund may provide investors access to:

  • The direct lending marketplace for retail investors who require less liquidity

  • Enhanced yields historically only available to banks and other institutions

  • Different credit exposures compared to traditional fixed income funds

  • Limited liquidity enhancement relative to hedge funds

  • Lower correlation to more liquid corporate bond markets

January, 2020

Targeted Returns
6 - 8%+ annualized


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