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Don Davis, Principal and Portfolio Manager of Prime Meridian Capital Management

Don Davis

Don Davis is a Principal and Portfolio Manager of Prime Meridian Capital Management, an investment management firm specializing in online P2P/marketplace lending strategies. As a seasoned industry veteran and skilled portfolio manager, Mr. Davis applies his knowledge, conservative management principles, and hands on expertise to the day-to-day management of  Prime Meridian Income Fund, a P2P consumer lending fund with one of the longest established track records in the burgeoning P2P lending space; and the Prime Meridian Small Business Lending Fund, which specializes in P2P lending for high quality collateralized small business loans backed by creditworthy personal guarantees.  Mr. Davis is also a principal of Novus Investments, LLC (“Novus”), a boutique alternative investment management firm, and was previously the #1 ranked futures trader in the US for risk adjusted return over both a 5 and a 7 year period. Mr. Davis is also a recognized speaker in the marketplace lending institutional investing space recently featured at: Bloomberg, LendIt, American Bankers Association, Forbes, IMN, Emerging Manager Forum, AltInvest, LendAcademy, the P2P Lending Investing Summit; and John Lothian News. Mr. Davis resides in the San Francisco Bay area and is actively involved in local charities with a special interest in assisting disadvantaged children, the disabeterans.

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