Prime Meridian Income Fund

Prime Meridian Income Fund provides investors low cost access to short-duration high yield consumer loan portfolios from creditworthy borrowers that produce consistent returns.


This fund lets investors participate in the growing consumer credit market that has previously been the exclusive territory of a few big banks. The objective of the fund is to outperform peer-to-peer lending platforms and other fixed income portfolios by using a dedicated API with proprietary credit algorithms to overweight the best risk/reward loans in a broadly diversified portfolio.


“Don Davis Talks Peer-to-Peer Lending with John Lothian News”: Don Davis sat down with John Lothian News to discuss the rise of peer-to-peer lending at the Emerging Manager Forum Miami 2013.



Prime Meridian Income Fund was an early adopter in the peer-to-peer lending space and has an established track record of consistent performance with low volatility and standard deviation.  With the recent investments and commitments by Google and Blackrock, this asset class is becoming increasingly institutionalized (as we anticipated).  This is bad news for other lenders trying to participate, but it is good news for Prime Meridian which already has “a seat at the table” with broad based institutional access, experience and expertise to dynamically and proactively manage risk across the credit spectrum.


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