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5 Ways Fintech is Reshaping the Financial Services Industry

Fintech startups have significantly changed the financial landscape through providing modern technological advancements. Banks, credit union and other financial institutions now have are trying to keep up in order to compete with these fintech startups. From this article, here is a quick snapshot of the five ways fintech is reshaping the financial services industry: Omni-Channel … Read More

Fintech & Real Estate M&A Tsunami Rising into Fall 2019

Financial services, software, and media are blending and merging together as companies compete with one another ranging from expanding their customer acquisition to efficient modern technology. Through a partnership with incumbent banks and lenders, challenger banks gain other banking services challenger banks can expand their banking services. From this partnership, incumbent banks and lenders gain … Read More

Fintechs Continue to Disrupt as More Traditional Firms Take Notice

For the past nine years, online lenders have been disrupting the lending norms established by banks and other traditional lenders. These online lenders have grown from owning 1% of unsecured lending in 2010 to owning 40% in 2019. This shift has resulted in traditional financial powers placing a greater emphasis on partnerships with Fintechs.  Read … Read More

Funding Circle US Hits $2bn Milestone

This article is astonishing and positive news for the peer-to-peer lending industry. One point of note in the article is: “If [Funding Circle] were a bank it would be among the 50 largest small business commercial and industrial loan portfolios in the US, according to the latest FDIC data available, cited by Funding Circle”. This … Read More