In-depth P2P Lending

Alternative Lending Goes Mainstream

Alternative lending has increasingly become more adopted by lenders for various reasons.  One noteworthy point lenders have been discovering is they can acquire undeserved users, such as seniors, immigrants, minority groups and millennials,  as consumers without increasing the risk of loan defaults as the use of alternative data becomes more widely accepted.  The author of … Read More

Why 2020 is the Year for Fintech

Fintech’s landscape is evolving as seen from multiple acquisitions, such as Visa purchasing Plaid and LendingClub acquires Radius Bank.  Four trends a Forbes writer believes why 2020 may by the year for fintech: Fintech is yielding mega rounds and successful exits Fintech is maturing and providing a more holistic solution for customers Fintech’s globalization is … Read More

6 Alternatives to Investing in the Stock Market for the New Year

There are several choices to investing in the stock market with less volatility in this unpredictable, fluctuating market.  We would like to highlight Peer to Peer Lending (P2P Lending).  Compared to other traditional method of investing, P2P Lending is a new alternative method and is becoming popular among investors.  P2P Lending allows investors to diversify … Read More

A Guide to What’s Happening in the Fintech Revolution

The fintech space is appealing to investors in various ways. Here are some of the current trends in the fintech industry: Underbanked Markets – People with mobile devices but no banks Cryptocurrency to a bigger audience Funding for fintech startups Innovation by acquisition Read more here.