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from Prime Meridian Capital Management:

Marketplace Lending for Institutional Investors and Wealth Managers: An Overview 2017

The marketplace and alternative lending industry has entered its growth phase as a disruptor to the banking industry -- and now the investment industry. In this free resource from Prime Meridian Capital Management, we explore the factors that figure into this online lending revolution.

This resource covers:

  • MPL Lending Industry
  • Growth of Loan
  • Evolution of Industry
  • MPL: Fixed Income
    or Alternative
  • Accessing the Asset
  • Risk and Return of
  • How does P2P/MPL
    behave in a rising
    interest rate

About the Author:

Mark Shore has more than 25 years of experience in the capital markets and publishes research, consults on alternative investments and conducts educational workshops. Mark is also an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, where he teaches the only known accredited managed futures course in the country, and a Board Member of the Arditti Center for Risk Management at DePaul University.