In-depth P2P Lending

Orchard Publishes White Paper on Data Standardization for Online Lending

The advent of online lending has become a powerful vehicle for providing access to credit for many thousands of businesses and individuals. Orchard platform has published a white paper on data standardization. While originators may collect reams of information on borrowers, fields do not necessarily sync across platforms leading to data disparity. Creating a uniform … Read More

Generate Quality Income with this Fixed Income Option

Fixed income yields are terrible right now. You know you need to build a portfolio of more than just stocks to properly manage risk. The best portfolios have different asset classes in them that don’t correlate with each other, aiding us in proper risk management. Both stocks and fixed income in a portfolio are the … Read More

Online Lenders Enlist Silicon Alley to Avoid Next `Big Short’

Fund manager Don Davis had been buying online loans for several years when there was a spike in calls from worried clients. In recent months, they’d seen disturbing reports about growing risk in this lightly regulated lending business. Davis, who works for Prime Meridian Capital Management, has tried to reassure clients with the help of … Read More

P2P Lending: Interactive Chart Data

Prime Meridian has created a resource using Google Trends to measure the interest over time of the peer-to-peer industry- P2P Lending: Interactive Chart Data Since the inception of Prosper in 2006 and Lending Club in 2007, P2P lending gained popularity and has served as an alternative to traditional credit lenders. Though the initial growth of … Read More